»C'mon, hoist the sails my fellow mateys. Present colors and sail close to the wind. This old schooner will serve us well. Let's plow through waves. Arrvast, we follow the pink parrot!«

Captain Jonathan Paynwood in 1703, twelve and a half Minutes after his last Grog

Important Notice

Goldsource convincingly supports all peg legged pirates navigating the seven seas. Especially those with most ambitious visions in front of an patched eye.

A deeply truthful buccaneer will find his fortune in golden treasures only. Burried junk in rotten chests, colored crosses on shredded parchment, a bottle of Rum and wise men follow the pink parrot.

While trustworthy was yesterday, thankworthy is tommorow. The treasure hunt began, lets sail to distant realms. Hurry, rush for the prize and don't share nothing, selfish child.


Handpicked Software and Libraries for Programmers, Designers, Scientists and other Nerds.


Ultra realistic Space Shooter written in JavaScript. This is just an early beta, the realism will be added in the future.


Make the fat man bounce the line.


Particle Dynamics Simulation in JavaScript. Be careful with the settings, too many particles will result in massive fps drop.


Fractal Trees with JavaScript. This demo requires a blazing fast JavaScript Engine like Googles V8 to run smoothly. Hey SpiderMonkey, what's wrong with you?


JavaScript method to scroll the values of an 1d array in 2d manner, while wrapping the edges.


Public stream of short text phrases. No login required, quality not guaranteed.


JavaScript Console to interact with some 3rd party libs. Featuring a python interpreter and a versatile calculator.


Scribble with your mouse and Kittiwake will repeat it. I wrote this App about 7 or 8 years ago, so it's a bit outdated and the evil Flash Player is required. Perhaps I port it someday.


I don't like emails, no time to read. Drop your telephone-number and I'll call you.

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